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Building Relationships One Home at a Time

Published October 10, 2013

At Arnold Roberts Signature Homes Inc., building relationships one home at a time is more than a motto or a slogan, it truly is the way they operate their business. Relationship building is the result of consistently meeting and exceeding customer expectations. The relationship is built with trust...

The Birth of Cape Coral

Published December 17, 2011

Have you ever heard the saying “And if you believe that, I have some swamp land in Florida that I want to sell you”?  Well I don’t know how this phrase originated or what land it pertained to, but it leads into the very interesting origination of Cape Coral.  In this coming year, Cape Coral will celebrate only its 42nd birthday .....

You Get What You Pay For

Published October 13, 2011

We have all heard the saying " you get what you pay for", usually as a reference to something purchased that was cheaply made. Even though this statement tends to be negative, in the back of our minds we all want the alternative logic to be true. That is, if you pay more then you will ...

Buy Existing or Build New

Published August 29, 2011

I follow the Southwest Florida home market and recently read an article by Brett Ellis titled “Sales Decline as Listing Inventory Falls”. In the article he commented that existing home sales in Southwest Florida had fallen and more importantly there is a lack of inventory of existing homes to choose from. After I read the article I posed the question to myself ....
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